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Sno Angel Like You + Sno Angel Winging It

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Fire Records

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Clocking up a decade since its initial release ‘Sno Angel Like You’ will be reissued this September celebrating its ten year anniversary. Collaborating with Canadian Gospel Choir, Voice of Praises following a performance at 2003’s Ottawa Bluesfest where Howe was billed alongside gospel choirs. Howe experienced his own awakening of sorts and found himself discussing with the church director the possibility of recording together. A similar run of events ensued at the same festival and Howe would go on to meet folk singer Susan Odle. Recruiting along the way, Jim Bryson’s keyboard player and recording engineer Dave Draves was soon on board and would go on to record the album. Once in the studio, Howe met drummer Jeremy Gara (pre-Arcade Fire) and together they laid down the initial recordings of the album on guitar and drums using similar recording techniques to older Giant Sand. Recording seven new songs with the choir arranging vocals, they also covered three Giant Sand songs and three Rainer Ptacek tracks. The uplifting and soulful popular tenth solo record sees “the occasionally unassuming, semi-mumble of Gelb's voice contrast marvellously with the trained, primed-for-transcendence-quality singing of Voices of Praise.


Disc 1

1 Get To Leave,
2 Paradise HereAbouts,
3 But I Did Not,
4 Hey Man,
5 The Farm,
6 That's How Things Get Done,
7 Love Knows (No Borders),
8 The Voice Within,
9 Nail In The Sky,
10 Howlin' A Gale,
11 Robes Of Bible Black,
12 Worried Spirits,
13 Neon Filler,
14 Chore Of Enchantment,
15 Get To Leave - Holy (CD Only Bonus),
16 Nail In The Sky - Original (CD Only Bonus).

Disc 2

1 Paradise Here Abouts,
2 Dirty From The Rain,
3 That's How Things Get Done,
4 Spiral,
5 Robes Of Bible Black,
6 Vortexas,
7 Ballad Of The Tucson 2,
8 Hey Man,
9 Worried Spirits,
10 Howlin' A Gale,
11 Nail In The Sky,
12 Astonished,
13 But I Did Not,
14 Love Knows (No Borders). 

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