Finnitus Edits #2

Lan Party / Savannah

Image of Finnitus Edits #2 - Lan Party / SavannahImage of Finnitus Edits #2 - Lan Party / Savannah
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After lifting our lids with a pair of primo Italo disco bangers last time out, Finnitus Edits re-emerge with a second edition of quirky disco poppers! We're straight in the disco deep end on the A-side with the expansive and exotic charms of "Savannah", a fast paced Afro-Italo-Weirdo Disco cut with funked up wah guitar, sizzling disco drumming and those chanted tribal vocals. Fluid bass, dreamy keys and Wood, Brass & Steel style guitar licks add a jazz funk inflection, while the massive horns enter the party late on to bring a whole load of drama to you and your mama. Over on the flip we're treated to some proper European weirdness with the fantastically naff "Lan Party", an oddball synthpop groover with educational lyrics. Two cuts for the forward thinking DJs here.


A. Savannah
B. Lan Party

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