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A stunning collection of psychedelic-funky-bossa tunes with lounge vibes from AMEDEO TOMMASI. One of the rarest library music albums from the the legendary OCTOPUS label, originally released in 1970. Zodiac is a smooth and silky trip through an umbrella-wielding populace shimmying along on their way to office jobs and chatting merrily to each-other along the way. Upbeat jazzy flourishes and meandering woodwind atop skillful keys and finger-clicking rhythmic backline. This is a rare and shining example of the power of library music, brought to you for a price under triple figures. Bargain!  


Side A:
1. Ariete
2. Toro
3. Gemelli
4. Cancro
5. Leone
6. Vergine

Side B:
1. Bilancia
2. Scorpione
3. Sagittario
4. Capricorno
5. Acquario
6. Pesci

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