Vito Ricci

Symphony For Amiga

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Intelligent Instruments

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Last year's stunning Music From Memory retrospective introduced a fresh generation of listeners to Vito Ricci's obscure downtown magic, leaving young and old anaesthetized and invigorated in equal measure. But with no new material hitting the shelves since 1985, further digging proved a fruitless and disappointing endeavor. Good news then that Vito's been back in the studio to put together another total masterpiece then! Working exclusively on the Commodore Amiga (with its infamous soundchip), Vito composed all the pieces found on this LP in 'Music Mouse', Laurie Spiegel's pioneering software from the mid-80s. Traversing warbling ambient, warming drone, hypnotic minimalism and elements of aleatoric music, 'Symphony' sounds a million miles away from the Team17, Bullfrog and Gremlin games of my youth. Adding his own delicate guitar parts and Laurie Anderson styled vocals from Lise Vachon, Ricci successfully fuses the digital and the organic to create and intricate and expansive listening experience completely in tune with his earlier works. It's time to drift into Vito's unique sonic world once again.


Patrick says: That killer Music From Memory retrospective more than piqued my interest in Vito Ricci so this new set of records is a welcome treat. The NY musician takes to the Amiga's 'Music Mouse' program to compose and arrange an expansive set of experimental ambience. Deep listening!

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