The Divine Comedy


Image of The Divine Comedy - Foreverland

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Brand new studio album from The Divine Comedy, following 2010’s celebrated ‘Bang Goes The Knighthood’.


Napoleon Complex
Catherine The Great
Funny Peculiar
The Pact
To The Rescue
How Can You Leave Me On My Own
I Joined The Foreign Legion (To Forget)
My Happy Place
A Desperate Man
Other People
The One Who Loves You

‘In May’ (Deluxe CD Only)
6th Of December
11th Of December
13th Of December
23rd Of December
3rd Of January
13th Of January
15th Of January
30th Of January
7th Of February
22nd Of February
8th Of March
27th Of March
4th Of April
4th Of April (Midnight)
3rd Of May
10th Of May
21st Of May
28th Of May
31st Of May

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