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The mysterious Belgium production powerhouse (*cough* Soulwax *cough*) return to their rewired and reworked "Waffles" series with another double header of choice and chugging cosmic nuggets. Volume 4 puts the focus on France, boasting Roquefort and snails on the centre label (maybe it's alright to be culturally unsound if you live next door) and two great Gallic groovers on the wax. The A-side sees the erstwhile electro duo bring some extra beef to Pilou's 1982 boogie bomb "Ca Va", empahsising the squelching synth bass and adding tough percussion to turn the frothy stroller into a proper cosmic weapon. The carefree and quirky vocals intact this has just the right combination of light-heart and heavy-foot to get the party started. Things take a diversion towards deepness on the flip as the brothers Dewaele turn their attention towards Isabelle Mayereau's 1980 new wave number "On A Trouve", extending the pleasure and upping the tension to transform the track into an eerie cosmic nodder a la "Elle Et Moi". Twinkling sci fi synths, solar winds and a hypnotic rhythm wrap themselves around Isabelle's sultry whispered vocals as we begin to float freely in zero g. Ever expedient, our Belgian friends have supplied a song for either end of the evening on one essential slab o' wax.


A1. Ca Va
B1. Gaufre

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