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Ghost Box

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Conceived as a kind of sequel to 2012’s Sleep Games, there’s an epic sensibility to Stasis. The haunted concrete caverns of the earlier album give way here, to vast, awe inspiring spaces. The album has a strong narrative flow that can be read either as the soundtrack for an interplanetary voyage under suspended animation, or the exploration of vast inner realms under some other form of technologically enhanced sleep.

Martin Jenkins' unique production sound is unmistakable: Carpenter-esque slow kosmiche disco and ambience, woozy synth melodies and somnambulistic grooves with soft, rich textures.


Barry says: One of our albums od the year 2017, and one of my favourite albums OF ALL TIME is once again in stock ahead of the stunning new PCA LP, 'Hollow Earth'.

An absoultely stunning, electronic odyssey. Still just as incredible as the day I heard it.


1. Approach
2. Lost Ways 
3. Autonomization
4. Sleep Chamber 
5. Ganzfeld Effect 
6. A Chance? 
7. Electric Eye 
8. At The Heart Of Stasis  
9. Transformative State 
10. Vorsicht 
11. Ways Regained
12. Pulse Threshold

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