Lenard Lidell

Keep It Secret / When You've Fallen Out Of Love

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Record Shack

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Record Shack come correct once again with this sizzling bit of modern soul from LA maestro Lenard Lidell. Previously only available on a dubious 'private press' 7" back in 1991, these two smooth groovers were actually recorded back in the early 80s before disappearing into the flea markets and pound bins to be discovered by successive generations of soul loving diggers. Since the cognoscenti cottoned on, the prices have soared and this remastered reissue is the best chance you'll get to bag a true floor-filler. A-side cut "Keep It Secret" finds a lovelorn Lenard making an impassioned plea to his other half to spare him indignity and keep her affair a secret. True love's course never runs true, and in this case it rolls its shoulders, swings its hips and two-steps to a killer disco-boogie beat. Swirling "I Want Your Love" strings, bubbling bass brilliance, hot brass and fully funky guitar combine perfectly to soundtrack the cuckhold storyline Lenny lets us into. 

Sticking with the heartache, Lenny rocks our socks off with the soulful, almost spiritual boogie of "When You've Fallen Out Of Love". Cycling through space age synth work, uptempo 4/4 funk and killer ensemble vocals, this TUNE makes neat progress to the powerhouse jazz-funk vibe of the middle 8. If you're still not convinced, the chord patterns are very similar to Jack J's "Something On My Mind". #you'vealreadyboughtit


A. Keep It Secret
B. When You've Fallen Out Of Love

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