Soft Machine

Third (Remastered)

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"Third" is regarded as one of Soft Machine's crowning glories. The immense influence of this amazing band is still being recognised today and the fact that the music on "Third" (if not some of the sound quality) is still as fresh and exciting as when it was first recorded is a testament to this. Embracing jazz, pop-ballad, minimalism and the avant-garde as well as their early psychedelic excursions, the Soft Machine were a truly progressive band. Mike Ratledge's organ work, Robert Wyatt's drumming, Hugh Hopper's epic basslines and the virtuosity of Elton Dean's sax finds the band full of marvellous free form playing and dynamic expressionism. As relevant now as they were then, one of the most rewarding bands to discover or rediscover in the new century.

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