D Futers


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Dolphin Trax

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Kickin' off our Natural Science's new off-shot: Dolphin Traxx, D. Futers takes the rains with a pounding two tracker of aqueous goo, molecular body deposits and corrosive laser stains, pressed up loud & hard. Cyber-hounds might recognize the first track "I Care" - a pitched up vocal garage house jam bootlegged on your bros Samsung RazorBlade and running piano keys hoisted in the back of the multi-changer. An exceptional track which plays on the current trend of solid breakbeats powering the best house records, tried and tested for months in the field by our own Kickin' Pigeon and guaranteed to set any dancefloor alight with its unique but highly infectious groove. On the flip, "Never Givin' Up" is for the jungle heads, bringing back the oscillating machine gun funk of the warehouse, crashing between broken beat euphorics and shimmering pads. It's another moment of dancefloor harmony that should see whoops and whistles erupt from any discerning crowd as you bring back the full flavour of the underground! Highly recommended, move quick!


Matt says: Back in stock for 2019. One of Natural Sciences' / Dolphin Traxx's finest moments and a true underground anthem.


A. I Care
B. Never Givin' Up

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