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Africa Airways One & Two (Funk Connection 1973-1980, Funk Departures 1973-1982)

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Africa Seven

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First released in 2015 as two separate vinyl compilations, “Africa Airways” is a deep exploration into the furthest parts of 1970’s and early 1980’s. 

The last decade has seen the un-tapping of an apparent endless well of music from the mother continent and this compilation (in our not so biased opinion) uncovers some of the cream of the crop and stands as one of the finest exponents of the African take on the music that it directly influenced, that being the funk and disco from the USA.

Featuring music from Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and the international African diaspora with artists including Manu Dibango, Jo Tongo and Jake Sollo this a truly pan-African affair, full of analogue synths, polyrhythms, rich vocals, jangling guitars and production slicker than oil. For lovers of music to get down to, this will make your rubber soled shoes burn.

The original pressing of the vinyl compilations sold out so quickly that another two represses had to be made to keep up with demand. For those not to latch on to the vinyl resurgence and prefer the old school CD format, this compilation is the one for you!!!


1: Africa Africa - Ekambi Brillant
2: Black Gold - Tala AM 
3: Kag Am - Kemayo
4: Jangolo - Jo Tongo
5: Mimbo - Manu Dibango
6: Give It Up - Jo Bisso
7: Mbongui - M'Bamina
8: Father Time, Mother Nature - Jake Sollo
9: Choco Date - Sookie
10: Nande - African Soul Band

1: Na Real SekeleFoYa - Pasteur Lappe
2: KilowiKilowi - M'Bamina
3: Aboki (Mon Copain) - Ekambi Brilliant
4: Don't Do It - BongiMakeba
5: Piani - Jo TONGO
6: Relax (Before Doin' Sex) - Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars
7: Get It On The Music - Bozambo
8: Tata Ngoh - MisseNgoh
9: Toyota Fantasy (John Bryan Edit) - Miriam Makeba

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