Image of Seazoo - Teeth
Record Label
Too Pure

About this item

Teeth is the brand new 7” single by North Wales’ SEAZOO, and is released by the wondrous Too Pure. A pop nugget featuring skuzzed guitars, restored chapel organ and Terry -­‐ the old Korg synth. The B-­‐Side, Skulls, was specially written for the release, but turned out much better than planned. It almost took the A-­‐ Side slot for a second, and has split the band. They’re still speaking to each other, barely. As ever, all sounds lovingly cooked-­‐up and recorded at home.

SEAZOO are an act that started out as nothing more than a bedroom-­‐recording project in 2013. Surprising momentum built however, as their Grandaddy/Yo La Tengo/SFA inspired recordings began to gain support from the BBC.

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