Trick Mist / Video Blue

Crumbs Abound / Disco Nap

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Trick Mist and Video Blue are the solo projects of Gavin Murray & Jim O' Donoghue Martin respectively. Having spent a decade making music together, here they've decided to each fly their own solo flag, offering up two separate singles that, unusually. neither had any input into each other's completion. Video Blue's "Disco Nap" breezes in on some fun-loving arp twinkles before Jim's buttery, delicate and slightly melancholic vocal swoops in alongside lo-fi drum machine beats and beautifully picked guitar lines. The track's embellished with some lovely strings, overdriven chords and topped off with a damn fine arrangement to boot; capturing a late night, driving home through the rain kinda vibe that is both warm, captivating yet painfully introspective and impossible not to stir a wealth of emotions through its dynamic course. Really strong stuff. With a high bar set, Trick Mist gets on board the B-side, it's radiant guitar lines complimenting Gavin's deep, syrupy baritone perfectly. Expertly constructed; fragile woodwind notes, rich atmospheres and a truck load of emotion is fully unloaded onto the track as it grows in intensity throughout. Breathtakingly powerful whilst remaining oh-so-simple - the true magic of song writing that few can pull off with such aplomb. Highly recommended.


A. Video Blue - Disco Nap
B. Trick Mist - Crumbs Abound

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