Lone Arrivals Presents Paul Gallagher Tapes

Ghost Riding

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Lone Arrivals

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Ambient plucked guitar interspersed with churning drones, folklike textures relieve the suggestion of shadows. Patterns reveal themselves through repetition and perseverance, and beauty shines through at every turn. Ambient for those with a penchant for melody. Recalling early Alexander Tucker or GYBE! alumni Set Fire To Flames, Paul Gallagher has crafted a haunting collection of experimental drone pieces with heart and depth. Mysterious but uplifting, rewarding the patient with an understanding of Ghost Riding as a whole, a cohesive journey and a bracing one. Highly recommended, 


Andy says: Ghosts in the machine! Excellent stuff.


1. Codorphine
2. Mule Bone
3. Draked
4. Drifters Fayre
5. Feliner23
6. Glow Seeds
7. Midnight Latitude
8. Two Note Celeriac
9. Another Moon
10. Sojourn
11. Palace Meltdown
12. The Returned

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