Cloud One

Atmosphere Strut (New Disco Version Remix 1979)

Image of Cloud One - Atmosphere Strut (New Disco Version Remix 1979)
Record Label
Queen Constance / P&P Records

About this item

Originally released in 1975, 'Atmosphere Strut' became an instant underground hit, cementing what was to become the signature sound for Patrick Adams - or as many have refered to him since - “the master of the masterpiece.” This futuristic and ethereal disco cut released on Peter Brown’s P&P label quickly became championed by club DJ’s throughout the north east (USA) after legendary radio personality Frankie Crocker broke the record on the New York Airwaves. Although Patrick Adams has had a string of hits in his career, 'Atmosphere Strut' remains a cult classic for disco aficionados. A mixture of modern sounds via the MiniMoog to an urban vibe at the time when parties happenned in the streets of Harlem and parks in the Bronx. Add Sylvia Striplin’s melodic chorus and you have yourself the perfect disco song. This extended disco mix from 1979 (on Queen Constance) retains all the qualities that made 'Atmosphere Strut' a classic, but optimizises it for the club. More percussions and an uptempo beat to make you fly away from the streets and straight into the disco

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