Bartosz Kruczyński

Baltic Beat

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Growing Bin

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After going beatless around the bush with Wilson Tanner’s stunning ’69’, Growing Bin leave the Swan River behind for their sixth release, heading east from their Hamburg home to sample the coastal calm of Krynica Morska. And who better to show them the sights and sounds of idyllic Poland than Ptaki co-pilot The Phantom a.k.a. Bartosz Kruczyński, flying solo here with a sumptuous score for long sunsets and lapping waves. Taking his cue from well worn IC releases and the Berlin School, Bartosz dedicates the whole of the A-side to ‚Baltic Beat’, twenty stunning minutes of swelling, swirling beauty full of motion and purpose. Chiming guitar pierces the deep like sun-light, leading us out of the oceanic intro and onto the soft sand where shimmering marimba and considered piano lull us into a Tangerine Dream. Before long the clouds roll in and the crashing surf gives way to Metheny guitars, rhythmic keys, minimalist woodwind and the dramatic bassline which carries us downstream into the run out groove. The B-side opens with the rolling waves and overwound watches of ‘Post Tenebras Lux’, a feather- light daydream which builds with West Coast guitar and a crisp snare before fading into the bird-song of ‘Parco Degli Acquedotti’. The stunning offspring of ‘Wicked Game’ and ‘Moments In Love’, this is just about as Balearic as it gets, The Phantom breezing over the frets as the wind works its way through his hair. All that remains is to savour the fading sunset to the sound of ‘Supplement 1‘ and ‘2’, elegant odes to nature which hold delicate piano, cor anglais and guitar in perfect balance. With summer on the way, it’s time to slip your moorings and drift away with Bartosz Kruczyński and Growing Bin, partners in calm.


Patrick says: Ptaki man The Phantom leaves behind the aliases for this stunning long player on the blossoming Growing Bin. Taking cues from well worn IC releases, the A-side is one long voyage from the sea to the shore, while the B-side offers a quartet of hazy, drifting compositions. Another essential release from Growing Bin!


A. Baltic Beat
B1. Post Tenebras Lux
B2. Parco Degli Acquedotti
B3. Supplement 1
B4. Supplement 2

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