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Air have been one of the most iconic French acts of the last two decades, with worldwide hits that have shaped the forefront of modern electronica, calling on various styles and constantly crossing genre barriers, re-shaping the rules as they go. Boasting eight incredible studio albums and live shows that few can match in technical ability, this new compilation album will feature all the greatest hits of the past twenty years, as well as 14 rarities tracks.

Featuring hits such as ‘All I Need’, ‘Sexy Boy’ and ‘Kelly Watch The Stars’ this album is the perfect showcase to the incredible downtempo and psychedelic Zen that is Air, and with rare recordings that includes live sessions to truly encapsulate the prowess of their on stage presence.


Andy says: I have included this Best Of, not for the peerless poise and majesty of Air's well known top songs, but for the magic within the collected b-sides and unreleased stuff on the second disc. It's like having a brand new Air album!


LP1 A-Side
1. La Femme D'argent
2. Cherry Blossom Girl
3. Kelly Watch The Stars
4. Playground Love (with Gordon Tracks)

LP1 B-Side
1. Sexy Boy
2. Venus
3. All I Need
4. Alpha Beta Gaga (Edit 91)

LP2 C-Side
1. Moon Fever
2. Don't Be Light (Edit)
3. How Does It Make You
4. Surfing On A Rocket

LP2 D-Side
1. Alone In Kyoto
2. Talisman
3. Run
Le Soleil Est Près De Moi

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