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Matthew Dear’s Audion project stands proudly at the intersection between art and hedonism, realised over a decade long dedication to powerful and relevant dance music. Growing out of the vibrant DIY Detroit underground, Audion and his contemporaries were free to feed off the energy reverberating from UK and European dancefloors, but singular in their desire to create their own sound and spirit. An Audion release is techno in its purest sense - whether it’s pushing the bombastic limits, spinning the dancefloor out of control or elegantly toying with just a few sonic elements.

‘Alpha’ is Audion’s first artist album in 10 years and comes at the end of a period of fevered activity. The collective body of work standing as a marker in time and a defining moment in the life of the artist. Drowning out the noise of the outside world, ‘Alpha’ was a puzzle pieced together sonically in the shadows and wildly brought to life in a matter of weeks. The artwork for ‘Alpha’ has again been realised by Will Calcutt, Dear’s long-time collaborator, who has a visual plan for the music that matches the sonic vision, completing the final critical piece of the puzzle.


Barry says: Dystoptian techno heaven. Pristinely produced but filthily saturated hardware jams. Booming sub-bass and to-their-breaking-point resonators squelch and scream , whilst Tresor-esque 808 kicks underpin the whole endeavour. Meticulously crafted robot rave. A++, would listen again.


1 / A1. Dem
2 / A2. There Was A Button
3 / A3. Gut Man Commeth
4 / B1. Traanc
5 / B2. Celestial Antibody
6 / B3. Destroyer
7 / B4. Suppa
8 / C1. Napkin
9 / C2. Bob The Builder
10 / C3. Sucker
11 / D1. Timewarp
12 / D2. Zunk Synth
13 / D3. Sicko

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