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Jeremy Underground Presents Beauty

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After launching with a killer reissue of a private press gem from Morrison Kincannon, Spacetalk presents its’ first compilation: a superb selection of soul, disco and boogie obscurities curated by noted Parisian crate-digger and DJ Jeremy Underground. "Beauty" has its’ origins in a chance encounter between Jeremy and Spacetalk co-founder and Psychemagik Danny McLewin at Bestival last summer. Having completed his regular festival set - keeping the dancefloor moving with his more familiar house and US garage sound - Jeremy was treating the crowd at Maceo’s, the renowned backstage bar usually found at Glastonbury, to a tasty selection of soul, disco and boogie obscurities. Danny was impressed, introduced himself to the My Love Is Underground label founder, and several hours later the duo had hatched a plan for Spacetalk’s first compilation. A renowned digger, the Parisian is no stranger to putting together high quality compilations, having previously mined his house collection for two volumes of My Love Is Underground on Favorite Recordings. "Beauty", though, is the first collection to showcase the depth and variety of his record collection. Stuffed full of rare, hard-to-find and little-known gems, it confirms the Frenchman’s status as one of Europe’s most open-minded record collectors. Amongst its’ 15 tracks you’ll find the Creative Arts Ensemble’s spiritual soul-jazz gem “Unity”, the samba sunshine of Leila Pinheiro, the folksy, Latin-tinged breeziness of Ron Rinadli’s “Mexican Summer”, and the dewy-eyed, late night soul of Nu-Cleus’s ridiculously hard-to-find “Needing A Woman”. The beating heart of the compilation, though, is a selection of heady, heart-warming cuts that blur the boundaries between Philly soul, disco, jazz-funk and boogie. These include the sparkling, synth-laden 1981 boogie of “Do Your Dance” by Shades Of Love (whose members included future ‘80s soul/disco star Meli’sa Morgan), the jazz-funk inspired library grooves of Christer Norden’s “Lay Back”, and the smooth, post-boogie soul of Richardi Mac’s superb “Told You So”. Oh, and “Let Love Flow” by Jamaican singer Sonya Spence, a deliciously sweet and loved-up disco-soul shuffler infused with the distinctive swing of the Caribbean.
These are just some of the highlights; repeat listens will uncover new favourites, hidden gems, and impossible-to-find cuts from the crates of one of Europe’s most celebrated DJs.


Patrick says: After two breathless sets of rare and raucous house for his ‘My Love Is Underground’ series, renowned Parisian digger Jeremy Underground shows off his softer side with this impeccably curated selection of soul, jazz and boogie on the newly minted Spacetalk. Swapping the stomping 4/4 of his previous work for samba sway and disco shuffle, the Frenchman raids his racks for a dozen of the deepest and most obscure soul and jazz cuts around, captivating minds and moving feet in the process.


A1. Ron Rinaldi - Mexican Summer
A2. Leila Pinheiro - Tudo Em Cima
A3. Christer Norden - Lay Back
A4. N C C U - Superstar
B1. Shades Of Love - Do Your Own Dance
B2. Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On
B3. Nu-Cleus - Needing A Woman
C1. Al (Alonzo) Wilson - Love You Girl
C2. Richardi Mac - Told You So
C3. Maureen Bailey - Takin’ My Time With You
C4. Fein - Stonedage
D1. June Evans - Hardly Need To Say
D2. Starcrost - Quicksand
D3. Creative Arts Ensemble - Unity

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