Mark Barrott

Sketches From An Island 2

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Although it may be hard to believe on a rain-sodden Mancunian afternoon, it’s always summer somewhere in the world. Born out of sunshine and good times comes this sophomore LP from International Feel impresario Mark Barrott. Picking up exactly where the first volume of the series left off, “Sketches From An Island 2” finds Barrott at ease and at home in Ibiza, weaving the sounds and sensations of the White Isle into nine dreamlike meditations for a better life. Pulling together field recordings, dusty synths, African percussion and slide guitar, Barrott walks us from the comfort of his balcony to the calm of the beach, drifting into aperitifs at La Torre and dropping out with the drummers at Benirras. Forget everything you know about Ibiza, this is a tribute to the backstreets and secret beaches, an invitation to find the Island within ourselves.

Barrott coaxes us into his world with the sumptuous “Brunch With Suki”, a symphonic groover on an upbeat Quiet Village tip, before dropping the tempo for the circular mallets of “Over At Dieter’s Place”. “Driving To Cap Negret” fuses the organic and electronic into an emotional pop gem, while “Winter Sunset Sky” and “Distant Storms At Sea” find Barrott translating the beauty and majesty of our world into an Innovative Communication of his own. The storm breaks as the marimba led “Cirrus & Cumulus” offers a Mediterranean take on African folk music, before “Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht” takes shape as a post-kosmische tribute to Cluster, Harmonia and LA Dusseldorf. Our journey ends with the LP’s most contemplative moments, “Forgotten Island”, a cinematic wonder rich with melancholy and mournful beauty, and the uplifting calm of “One Slow Thought”, a perfect sundowner serenade to see us home.


1. Brunch With Suki
2. Over At Dieter’s Place
3. Driving To Cap Negret
4. Winter Sunset Sky
5. Distant Storms At Sea
6. Cirrus & Cumulus
7. Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht
8. Forgotten Island
9. One Slow Thought

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