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The Colour In Anything

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Fresh from bringing the sad to Beyonce's 'Lemonade' long player and Frank Ocean's soon-come sophomore outing, James Blake returns as a solo artist with his third full length album. Not so solo though as 'The Colour In Anything' features a number of collaborations as well, with Ocean, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Connan Mockasin and Rick Rubin all playing a part in the album's evolution.

However, like the grey skies on the album's sleeve (illustrated by another famous Blake, Sir Quentin), the singer-songwriter / producer still seems to be situated under his own personal rain cloud, providing us with 17 tracks and 76 minuted of heartfelt melancholia. Blake's deep, sparse, spacious electronica provides the perfect backdrop for his lyrical repetition and sorrowful vocals. At times moving further towards an alt-R&B sound, his plaintive solo vocal and piano songs have a meditative, almost gospel-tinted edge to them. A cathartic meditation on loss of love and relationship breakdown, but with deceptive strength at its core, Blake's songs see 'The Colour In Anything', as long as that colour is blue.


1. Radio Silence 4:00
2. Points 3:31
3. Love Me In Whatever Way 5:03
4. Timeless 4:22
5. F.o.r.e.v.e.r. 2:40
6. Put That Away And Talk To Me 3:57
7. I Hope My Life (1-800 Mix) 5:40
8. Waves Know Shores 2:55
9. My Willing Heart 4:02
10. Choose Me 5:38
11. I Need A Forest Fire (featuring Bon Iver) 4:17
12. Noise Above Our Heads 5:03
13. The Colour In Anything 3:33
14. Two Men Down 6:01
15. Modern Soul 5:32
16. Always 5:04
17. Meet You In The Maze 4:55

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