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Let's Dance

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Violette Szabo

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Dropping in our laps from deep in the heart of the Netherlands comes the second release on fresh label Violette Szabo. Already earning major cool points from me for referencing a real life secret agent (google Violette Szabo now!) the imprint have only gone and invited one of the best editors around to work his dancefloor magic across four killer cuts. Taking a well earned break from his Ostra Discos imprint, Portuguese producer De Los Miedos unpacks his scalpel and gets to work on some disco surgery. Setting off at a mid-tempo shuffle, "Caty's Dance" is the kind of synth heavy, sci fi disco groover which could only have come from the continent - fat funk guitars, camp orchestral arrangements and spooky synth riffs bring to mind "Supernature" - if it was a library record that is. Next up "Tania's Dance" treats us to some tropical flavours, strutting through Earons' style riddims and cascading xylophones, before Prelude style synth-funk riffs and a moody bassline take us directly to the deepest, darkest backstreet of 80s Miami. "Jessica's Dance" opens the flip in truly MPB fashion, leading us through all the best Brazilian flavours (Samba drums, breezy Bossa Nova guitar, choro piano) and leaving us no choice but to sway sweetly from the hips - this is about as Balearic as it gets! Bringing the curtain down with plenty of instrumental aplomb is "Susana's Dance", a breathless voyage through wild guitar solos, sprialing synth lines and cruiseship trumpets which may or may not be a Library effort inspired by Heatwave's "Boogie Nights". What I can say for sure is that each track here kicks major ass, keeping De Los Miedos' flawless record entirely intact.


A1. Caty's Dance
A2. Tania's Dance
B1. Jessica's Dance
B2. Susana's Dance

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