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Let's Get It On - 180g Vinyl Edition

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Motown / UMC

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The weight of a follow-up to 1971's "What's Going On" was lifted from Marvin Gaye's shoulders by the success of his soundtrack to the film Trouble Man, but he was still searching for something to unify his next long player. In 1973 he started working with R&B balladeer-turned-producer Ed Townsend, who gave him the basis of a song about 'the business of getting on with life'. However, inspired by the presence of studio visitor Janis Hunter, destined to become his second wife, Gaye transformed the song into a monument to desire and seduction that ran soul-deep. In this moment Marvin found the focus for the album that had eluded him. If "What's Going On" is a celebration of the spirit, then "Let's Get It On" is all about love, salvation and the pleasures of the flesh.


Let's Get It On 4:44
Please Don't Stay (Once You Go Away) 3:32
If I Should Die Tonight 3:57
Keep Gettin' It On 3:12
Come Get To This 2:40
Distant Lover 4:15
You Sure Love To Ball 4:43
Just To Keep You Satisfied 4:35

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