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Tom Settle is one of those guys that everyone likes when they meet him. A gentle soul with a sharp, understated wit and endless good humour. And, above all, humble. It comes across not only in the way he plays and writes music, but in the way he eschews acknowledgment for doing so. He's played in the wonderful Serfs with Jon Collin on and off for over ten years, as well as Beach Fuzz, Former Bullies, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura and Dinner Party. He's even released a couple of tapes under his own name that no one really got to hear as they were put out in such small numbers, which is a shame (not least because his cover of the Dead's "Dire Wolf" was enough to melt your cold heart).

He's not only one of Manchester's finest guitar players but, Golden Lab thinks, one of the most intuitive and evocative in the world today. This 2LP (with a limited 100-copy run including a bonus third LP of entirely different and equally amazing material) featuring guests including Jon Collin, Nick Mitchell (Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura), Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep) and more, is a stunning example of his creative prowess and features a host of original compositions and improvisations as well as a handful of lesser known covers and traditionals, including some hitherto ignored-by-the-underground Lancashire folk music.

It's far and away the most accomplished (if roughly recorded) psychedelic folk record to have been made in Britain in the last 40 years as far as GLR is concerned. Sitar, guitar, drums, bells, penny whistles, recorders and more gorgeously rough vocal harmonies than you can shake a stick at. We who call ourselves his friends haven't stopped crying since we started listening to it. Time ya got up to speed with what's going on with Lancashire's mellowest lad. Don't hang about. 


Barry says: I love the sound of a meticulously recorded album, the way the highs and lows mix together, the attack of a good compressor as it activates. This is not that, it is a rough and ready collection of campfire songs and folk odes, and all the better for it. Warming and serene, these tracks are bursting with emotional depth and stylistic intricacy without ever feeling pretentious. Old Wakes is a visceral and highly rewarding journey through traditional and psychedelic folk across the globe, guided by the infinitely talented Mr. Settle.


1a. Morning
2a. Garden Music
3a. Jolie Blon
4a. Snakeshead Fritillary
5a. Song For Two Guitars
6b. Anglesea Avenue
7b. United Stringdom
8b. Zorro
9b. Babe It Ain't No Lie
10c. Sow 'em On The Mountain
11c. Gathering
12c. Stairs Dream
13c. Surprise To See Me
14d. New Lancashire Hornpipe
15d. Old Wakes
16d. Magnet Rag
17d. Daisy, Daisy (a Bicycle Made For Two)

Bonus Disc (first 100 Copies Only)
1a. Hello Stranger
2a. As Long As I Live
3a. The Children Are Cryin'
4a. The Dallas Rag
5b. Toy Heart
6b. Brunswick Road
7b. '...'
8b. Brunswick Stomp
9b. Hawkins Rag

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