Claude Rodap & Fregate Orchestra


Image of Claude Rodap & Fregate Orchestra - Syn-Ka
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Granit Records

About this item

Brand spanking new imprint Granit struts out the traps to the fusion sounds of Claude Rodap & his Fregate Orchestra. Since its appearance in Tiba's reggae-not-reggae mix, diggers and dealers all across the globe have been doing their damnedest to turn up a copy of this Caribbean gem, prompting a succession of totally battered listings to pass through the second hand system. Thankfully, freshly minted imprint Granit have done the decent thing and secured the rights for an official reissue complete with trilingual insert and big, beautiful sound. This private press LP was originally conceived in 1982, in a context where many French Caribbean musicians were searching for their own style and fusing traditional heritage (Gwo-Ka, Bel Air, Biguine) and synthetic music. Set opener "Zolpen" combines a syncopated disco 4/4 with squirming space bass, chiming guitar and island strings, while "Opera Bambou" is a glistening treat of pitch bent synth flute and polyrhythmic splendour. "Synthétic Love" offers a star-crossed jazz-funk adaptation of merengue (imagine a Caribbean Dexter Wansel), while "Frégate" sees the side out in relaxed fashion. The flipside opens with the weirdo digital reggae of "Tempête" (essential for fans of Ruf Dug's "Island" LP), parties to the sunny tropical funk of the title track before freaking out with the space synth speed soca of "Mach 1". The recent focus on the French West Indies has turned up a whole host of obscure cosmic gems of late, and this is no exception. Drop the needle and cop the vibe with the Caribbean’s leading space man, Mr Claude Rodap.

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