The Royal Sitars

Eloise / Distant And Vague

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Australia's runaway success ROYAL HEADACHE are responsible for records that have resonated worldwide, and what more proof of this than a SITAR INSTRUMENTAL TRIBUTE to two of their biggest hits, ELOISE and DISTANT AND VAGUE? All performed by an anonymous, masked, groovin' Australian combo! Agitated managed to track these Sitar slingers down, and could not put their groove down. A 500 copy 7” release was brokered…and here ya haves it folks.

You'd be a complete IGNORAMUS to be able to sit still throughout the revolutions of this white-hot double hit platter.
250 copies for sale in the Europes alone.
Black vinyl, “company” sleeve, plenty of spicy shake goin on!


1. Eloise
2. Distant And Vague

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