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Unreleased Anthology

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Modified Suede

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A nice selection of previously unreleased tracks from the studio of Scott Grooves, including "Movin' On" - the first vocal track Scott has released in the past 10 years! Featuring Seoulonnie on vocal duties "Movin' On" is classic deep Detroit house; with ultra crisp percussion combined with seductive synth and keyboard work. Bright, blissed-out and brimming with optimism, it's one of those tracks you'll revisit time and time again when the dancefloor needs a solid injection of electronic soul. "Red Crates" powers up the lazer rig for some hi-tech business, delicately placed stabs, fizzing leads and more frenetic percussion sure to get bodies gyrating manically late on into any session. "Me Solista" on side B flips the mood to a more experimental approach, phazed rainforest percussion accompanying rich piano chords and lavish xylophone lines for a head-turning tropical feast of sound! Very nice indeed. "French Road" concludes this beastly EP in fine style, gliding pads encompassing a syncopated bassline and glistening synth washes. Wonderful stuff.


Matt says: The inimitable, mighty (and not to mention officially the nicest guy in Detroit), Scott Grooves returns to his phenomenal Modified Suite. Proper.


Movin On
Red Crates
Me Solista
French Road

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