Clever Disguise

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Secretly Canadian

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There are few young songwriters the calibre of Sophie Payten. At 22 years of age, Gordi distils a broad spectrum of emotional experience into captivating, spine-tingling musical gems - a worldly vocal punctuated by wonderful arrangements.

Gordi’s musical instincts began on the piano at an early age by virtue of her music teacher mother. Like so many of her musical heroes, she was later drawn to the earthiness of the steel string - a useful piece of armoury to have growing up on a farming property in Canowindra in rural New South Wales, Australia.

However, the craft in her songwriting is found partly in the emotional spectrum that her tracks span. From wistful aching to spirited celebration, her lyrical journeys take us places in our memories and imaginations that belie her 22 years.

The candour in Gordi’s songs is matched by a vocal tone that is at once fractured and brimming with richness. Combining vintage vocal layering and earthy guitar textures with delicate modern electronic production, Gordi’s sonic palette is one she can call her own.

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