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"Jon Lucien's third album, 'Mind's Eye', issued in 1974 after his commercial breakthrough, 'Rashida', was a daunting project to issue. How to follow up an album that broke through without a plan? Thankfully, Lucien's confidence in himself as a singer and as a songwriter grew exponentially in a year. He was far more willing to press the Caribbean edge in his music and to experiment with new textures and instrumentation. With Bob Marley making his mark in England and in Europe, Lucien knew the time was right to bring his own compositions to the fore. With fiery bossa guitars, electric fretless bass, a chorus of backing singers, a few well-placed synthesizers, insistent yet muted percussion, and the uncanny arrangements of Dave Grusin (who also orchestrated 'Rashida'), the album was a sure hit. Arguably, in terms of its performance if not its material (which is damn fine), it may be a better record than 'Rashida'." - All Music


A Sunny Day 2:37
A Prayer For Peace 3:53
Adoration 4:47
So Little Time 2:59
Listen Love 6:35
The Pleasure Of Your Garden 2:15
World Of Joy 4:58
The Ghetto Song 2:23
Soul Chant 2:57
When The Morning Comes 4:27

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