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The Faces Of Africa II

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Jamal Moss resurrects his iconic Africans With Mainframes outfit; joined by Noleian Reusse as the pair hardware themselves into ancient rhythms and mystic mantras through their plethora of outboard hardware. Volume II kicks off with the titular "Faces Of Africa", powerhouse drum programs leaving us powerless to resist the heads-down rhythm and nagging sequence which partially conceals the mind expanding keys below. From there we trip into the bass driven brilliance of "The Joy Of Being", a deep and immersive hymn to speaker hugging ecstasy. Building from the sparse beginings of slamming, saturated drums and a buoyant, bubbling bassline, the track soon swells into a crystal city of pulsing circuitry and neon tinged melodies. Snaking sequences and space age leadlines overlap and interact, tesselating into a shining afro-futurist spaceship. Play this at the right moment and you'll cause out-of-body experiences all over the club. By now we're well and truly tripped out, softened up nicely for the interdimensional voyage of "Returning 2 The Ancestors". Circular keys dof a space helmet to Reich's reimagining of gamelan and traditional African music before Moss and Reusse beam us all the way back to the begining of civilisation. Stomping percussion forms an irresistible contrast to the gentle jazzy keys while gurgling acid bass powers us right through the Stargate and into outerspace. Words will never do this justice, you've gotta experience it for yourself.


Matt says: One of my true heroes and provider of my generation's "Free Trade Hall" gig (Gulliver's MCR, 2012). Chicago maverick, Jamal Moss epitomizes the underground for me. He's been doing his thang for over 20 years and never once compromised. Now the world has finally caught up with him, he's undergoing somewhat of a purple patch. Joined by Noleian Reusse, their Africans With Mainframes project is one of the tastiest on Mathematics and this new record shows us exactly why!

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