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Tabanka EP

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A fresh installment in the Sofrito Super Singles Series: a limited three track EP of raw percussion sounds from the Alma Negra crew, at the crossroads between organic percussion and electronics, and inspired by the Carnival celebrations on the Cape Verdean island of Santiago.

On the A-side, “Mageko” pulls no punches - a low-slung bassline sitting behind an ever-evolving sea of percussion and chants, sounding like a long-lost afro-disco dub.

Ramping up the energy on the B-side, “Tabanka (Version)” is a chopped re-visioning of the Carnival rhythms of the Cape Verdean island of Santiago. Anchored around a riff played on a conch shell, it brings organic and electronic elements together for a hypnotic Road March workout. The majestic “Ramboia” finishes things off - a rolling, off-kilter afro-house groove slowly enveloped by strings and a blissed-out bassline.


A1. Mageko  
B1. Tabanka (Version)
B2. Ramboia

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