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Membran / C'mon Lets Drift

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Barry says: Heralding the spirit of rock luminaries past and present, 'Hitch' Is the third LP from North Wales' Joy Formidable. From the fist-raising rock anthem of 'Radio Of Lips' to the mournful reverberating piano backdrop of 'Liana', and the ambient whimpering on 'The Gift'; this collection retains a sense of melody and poise while you know behind it all there is an aggressive voice just waiting to burst through. This is emotive and raucous, but melodic and triumphant. Stadium-rock for those who tire of stadium-rock.


1 A Second In White
2 Radio Of Lips
3 The Last Thing On My Mind
4 Liana
5 The Brook
6 It's Started
7 The Gift
8 Running Hands With The Night
9 Fog (Black Windows)
10 Underneath The Petal
11 Blowing Fire
12 Don't Let Me Know
13 The Last Thing On My Mind (Radio Edit) (CD Only Track)

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