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Black Sunday - OST

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Available for the first time ever on vinyl, we are pleased to present John Williams' tremendous score for Black Sunday.

The double vinyl is housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket featuring a Shrapnel pierced die-cut interior gatefold, original artwork and packaging concept by Jay Shaw and liner notes by Brian Satterwhite.


1st Down
A1. Beirut (0:37)
A2. Commandos Arrive (1:15)
A3. Commando Raid (5:30)
A4. It Was Good / Dahlia Arrives / The Unloading (3:11)
A5. Speed Boat Chase (1:50)
A6. The Telephone Man / The Captain Returns (2:14)
A7. Nurse Dahlia / Kabakov's Card / The Hypodermic (3:28)

2nd Down
B1. Moshevsky's Dead (1:57)
B2. The Test (1:55)
B3. Building The Bomb (1:53)
B4. Miami / Dahlia's Call (2:26)
B5. The Last Night (1:28)
B6. Peparations (2:42)
B7. Passed (0:31)
B8. The Flight Check (1:49)
B9. Airborne/ Bomb Passes Stadium (1:46)
B10. Farley's Dead (1:33)

3rd Down
C1. The Blimp And The Bomb (3:12)
C2. The Take Off (1:43)
C3. Underway (0:39)
C4. Air Chase, Part 1 (1:12)
C5. Air Chase, Parts 2 & 3/ The Blimp Hits (7:19)
C6. The Explosion (2:36)
C7. The End (2:15)

4th Down - Bonus Tracks
D1. Hotel Lobby (Source) (1:49)
D2. Fight Song #1 (Source) (0:51)
D3. Fight Song #2 (Source) (1:45)
D4. The End (Alternate Mix) (2:20)
D5. The Explosion (Revised Ending) / End Title (Film Edit) (2:12)

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