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Moshi Moshi

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Following several self-released digital only EPs and homemade CD-R releases, mercurially talented 20- year-old musician from near Oldham, Greater Manchester Kiran Leonard has signed to Moshi Moshi to release ‘Grapefruit’, the follow-up proper to 2013’s acclaimed debut ‘Bowler Hat’.

“A singular new talent is being forged” - Sam Richards, The Guardian


Barry says: Inventive and original art-rock from Manchester native Kiran Leonard. This album twists and turns like a startled beast, at once from a melancholic fingerpicked guitar refrain to mournful orchestral stabs. Not as much challenging, but exciting and fluid. Rousing melodies float above lively guitars and galloping drums, only to break into dissonant snaps and starts, all painted with a liberal coat of Leonard's emphatic lyrical bursts. If this is even a hint of the creativity and ingenuity that is to come, we're onto a good thing. Recommended.


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