Image of Woo - Awaawaa
Record Label
Palto Flats

About this item

After blessing deep music archeologists all over the globe with the much needed reissue of Mariah's "Utakata No Hibi" last year, Palto Flats are back, teaming up with New General Catalogue to release "Awaawaa", a new record by Woo, the longstanding project of British brothers Mark and Clive Ives. Featuring never before heard recordings from Woo’s archives, "Awaawaa" sees the band at their most evocative and psychedelic - presenting a suitelike, atmospheric collection of stunning miniatures. Recorded in South London during 1975-82, "Awaawaa" lines up chronologically with other Woo releases, such as "Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong," and touches upon synth, ambient, electronics, dub, and even krautrock. Following re-issues on Drag City and Emotional Rescue, "Awaawaa" presents a new chapter in Woo’s celebrated discography, further distilling the brother’s unique and otherworldy vision.

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