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Years spent living in Catalonia, chance meetings with members of Sigur Ros, and a return to his native Wales, inspired and motivated Dilwyn Llwyd to create abstract, epic music, devoid of rules and regulations. Recruiting Rhodri Owen on strings and keys, Theston Jones on drums and Bari Gwilliam on trumpet, Dilwyn began to craft the Yucatan album.

Having committed his ideas to tape, Dilwyn took his collection northwards to Iceland, where the album’s finishing touches were added at Sigur Ros’ Sundlaugin studio, built in the bowels of a converted swimming pool. Musically sweeping, the vocals are intricately woven as a further layer to the instrumentation. On tracks like Malu Trwsio Chwalu Uno (meaning Break Fix Destroy Unify) the effect is almost of peeling back the music, to find an underlying nucleus of lyrics. This interplay creates a mesmerizing canvas of unpredictability and intrigue. Having been described as “stunning music from a special place” by Radio One’s Huw Stephens, Yucatan is already attracting well deserved attention. More admiration is likely to follow.


1. Y Gwacter
2. Hull
3. Malu Trwsio Chwalu Uno
4. Un Cyfle
5. Cyrn Pen
6. Mynd Lawr
7. Bregus
8. Lle Ti Di Bod
9. Cwsg.

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