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Recordiau Coll

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Following on from Yucatan’s critically acclaimed epic self-titled debut album and subsequent releases, the band is excited to announce the release of their EP, entitled Enlli. Enlli’s sweeping instrumentation, soaring choirs, and breathtaking vocals, in the band’s mother tongue of Welsh, will deliver shimmering celestial sensations in bucket loads!

Recorded and produced by Dilwyn Llwyd and former Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, John Lawrence, Enlli was recorded in an abandoned chapel, on a frosty mountainside, and in a deep mesmerizing cave in Snowdonia. It sought to invent ways of creating organic, ephemeral effects of space and sound for the ultimate live recording on rich vinyl.

Enlli, Welsh for ‘flow’, was inspired by the evocative mystique of Ynys Enlli, a small island off the West coast peninsula of Pen Llyn. It is also the first release by Yucatan’s own label, Recordiau Coll (Lost Records).


1. Cur
2. Llawer Uwch
3. A Oes Ymateb
4. Y Llif

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