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After leaving the Buzzcocks in 1977, vocalist Howard Devoto formed Magazine with guitarist John McGeoch, bassist Barry Adamson, keyboardist Bob Dickinson, and drummer Martin Jackson. Acknowledged by Radiohead as an important influence, Magazine wilfully ignored the prevailing musical orthodoxy of the punk era - which is what makes these albums timeless. "Secondhand Daylight" was released in March 1979. Magazine's ambitious second album was produced by Colin Thurston, the engineer on two era-defining albums: David Bowie's "Heroes" and Iggy Pop's "The Idiot". Reviewing "Secondhand Daylight", Nick Kent said that 'there is now an austere sense of authority to the music. Magazine are a force to be reckoned with'. The chilly majesty of "Back To Nature" and "Permafrost" attest to that.


Philippa says: Again, not something I bought at the time, but an album that got played a huge amount on the shop record player when I started working here. A dark and menacing record that side-stepped punk's three chord orthodoxy in favour of pre-punk inspirations.


1. Feed The Enemy
2. Rhythm Of Cruelty
3. Cut-Out Shapes
4. Talk To The Body
5. I Wanted Your Heart

1. The Thin Air
2. Back To Nature
3. Believe That I Understand
4. Permafrost

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