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This trio comprises of The National's rhythm section, brothers Scott and Bryan Devendorf along with Trombonist / arranger Ben Lanz who has worked with Beirut and Sufjan Stevens amongst others.

LNZNDRF’s debut is rock minimalism meets sonic maximalism. Recorded in a church in Cincinnati over two and a half days, the eight songs on the album were improvised with a vital spirit harking back to the reason the members became musicians in the first place.

The songs, which were edited from 30+ minute jams, evoke the essence of their expansive, largely improvised live shows.


Laura says: OK I may have been massively stereotyping bassists and drummers, but I really wasn't expecting an album from The National's rhythm section to be that interesting. Surely they just provide the background for Matt and the Dressner brothers creative stuff? Well it seems I was wrong, as they've teamed up here with Ben Lanz from Beirut to create a really good moody, atmospheric, Kraut-infused album. And before you ask, no I don't know how you pronounce the name.


01 Future You
02 Beneath The Black Sea
03 Mt. Storm
04 Kind Things
05 Hypno-Skate
06 Stars And Time
07 Monument
08 Samarra

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