Bipolar Defect

Image of Fluxion - Bipolar Defect
Record Label
Subwax Bcn

About this item

Widely considered one of the hallmarks of dub-infused electronic music, as well as an endless resource of inspiration and awe for generations of electronic music artists and enthusiasts, Vibrant Forms II by Fluxion is now being reissued by Subwax Bcn. Originally released on Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald's revered Chain Reaction label in 2000, the many calls for a reissue of this cavernous remastered masterpiece has finally been answered by the Barcelona imprint.


A1. Bipolar Defect
A2. Multidirectional I
B1. Bilateral Motion
B2. Friction Pulse
B3. Omnibus
C1. Stream I
C2. Stream Ll
C3. Lnterlock
D1. Aviation
D2. Multidirectional II

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