Deja Vu - Inc. Payfone Remix

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People Must Jam

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As the climate cools down in Australia, temperatures are rising in Europe and one of Italy's finest selectors has taken charge of People Must Jam's eighth record. A long time in the making, "Deja Vu" is well worth the wait. Digging into his well stocked crates, Riccio picks out a killer funk groove for the title track, stretching it out to Mark E proportions while incorporating all the tastiest bits of melody from the original to keep things moving and grooving. Next up "Dyson Jam" is an original cut which channels the Italian's inner KDJ through a rolling bassline, syncopated percussion and a sequinned synth line - heads down, lights down, fader up - "we used to rollerskate to this shit". Showing a certain amount of A&R expertise the label enlist Golf Channel act Payfone to remix this disco burner, and the London outfit duly oblige, stipping the cut back and adding a bunch of extra synth sparkle to heat the club to a simmer. Closing the set in textbook fashion, "Mystical Stretcher" sees Riccio drop the pace for a loose and limber journey into cosmic jazz. Limited and lovely.


A1. Deja Vu
A2. Dyson Jam
A1. Dyson Jam (Payfone's Bedouin Mix)
A2. Mystical Stretcher

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