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On Split Electric, C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis, both firmly established as acoustic guitarists, each undertake a series of solitary electric guitar explorations. The result is an album of recordings suffused with amp hum and circuit noise, the hollow chime of microphonic pickups, and the unsteady rumbling of plate reverb. Recorded in a near-derelict dental surgery in East London and a cellar in Nottingham, partially channelled via a spring reverb unit outside of Cambridge, and then mastered in the Outer Hebrides, Split Electric is a wilfully crooked record. Born of the stylistic contrasts and complements between the two newly electrified players, Split Electric blends the brittle ringing tones of electric folk with overdriven garage blues throw-downs and lumbering muddy-booted psychedelia.
Available on 180g vinyl LP and high-quality download, the record is packaged in a heavyweight cardboard sleeve with artwork by Richard Dawson.

• C Joynes' first LP since collaboration with folk singer Stephanie Hladowski, The Wild Wild Berry (Bo' Weavil Recordings, 2012)
• Nick Jonah Davis' follow-up to House of Dragons (Lancashire and Somerset, 2015) and debut release, Of Time and Tides (Tompkins Square, 2011)
• Co-headlining UK/EU dates in early-2016


1) The Running Board (CJ) 
2) Poa Kichizi (NJD) 
3) Bold William Taylor (CJ)
4) William Sathya (NJD) 
5) Endomorph Vs Ectomorph (CJ) 
6) Sigil Eyes (NJD)
7) St Cloudy Apple Spring (CJ) 
8) Corksniffers' Delight (NJD) 
9) Salmontails Spring (CJ)
10) The Whittlesey Straw Bear Tune / Molly Gang (CJ) 
11) Scaraboo (NJD)
12) Joynes, NC (CJ)

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