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Underground Resistance

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One of Underground Resistance's finest moments, and highly sought after amongst Detroit collectors and DJs alike, this four tracker of hi-tech soul and interstellar funk epitomized the sound of Mad Mike and co. channeling all the grit and energy of a worn down working class fighting to make their voice heard in a post-industrial generation. Originally released in 1992, the sounds later became expanded and developed through their Galaxy 2 Galaxy moniker. "Amazon" kicks things off with frenzied breakbeats, tribal chanting and tense strings underpinning the wigged out synth-lines and and warped pads. "Jupiter Jazz" is a bouncy, interstellar house number, brimming with angelic vox, space-age melodies and a real nod to the future, sounding as fresh today as it did back in'92! "Cosmic Traveler" unpacks thick plumes of synth goodness onto the multitrack, as hefty drum hits and weighty kicks also converge on the mix, making for a heady trip into late night abandon. Finally, "Great Than Yourself" concludes with more of the groups idiosyncratic bleeps and beats encapsulating a deep and hypnotic trip. Highly recommended - hard to find a fresh copy of this these days for less than £15 - £20. Won't hang around long.


Matt says: One of UR's finest moments. And surely the blueprint for the hi-tech jazz sound which would later inform the Galaxy 2 Galaxy project. Many techno heads and ravers want "Amazon" played at their funeral. Essential.


A1. Amazon
A2. Jupiter Jazz
B1. Cosmic Traveler
B2. Greater Than Yourself 

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