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Halo I-IV

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Universal - 12 Days Of Christmas

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The limited edition Halo I-IV vinyl box set contains the original 12” singles for “Down In It”, “Head Like A Hole” and “Sin” on 120-gram black vinyl and the 1989 version of Pretty Hate Machine on 180-gram black vinyl. 


Barry says: What better combination of synth obsessives could there ever be than Reznor and Cortini. This is a superb collection, headed up by the seminal industrial metal album 'Pretty Hate Machine', and rounded out with the rare but equally stunning Halo releases consisting of reworks and alternate mixes. A tour-de-force of synthesiser worship, melodic showmanship and most importantly (for me); vivid, black-garment based memories.


Halo One - Down In It (original Release Date 9/15/89):
A1 "Down In It (Skin)"
A2 "Down In It (Shred)"
B1 "Down In In (Singe)"

Halo Two - Pretty Hate Machine (original Release Date 10/20/89):
A1 "Head Like A Hole"
A2 "Terrible Lie"
A3 "Down In It"
A4 "Sanctified"
A5 "Something I Can Never Have"
B1 "Kinda I Want To"
B2 "Sin"
B3 "That's What I Get"
B4 "The Only Time"
B5 "Ringfinger"

Halo Three - Head Like A Hole (original Release Date 3/22/90):
A1 "Head Like A Hole (Slate)"
A2 "Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)"
A3 "Head Like A Hole (Clay)"
B1 "Head Like A Hole (Copper)"
B2 "You Know Who You Are"
B3 "Head Like A Hole (Soil)"
B4 "Terrible Lie (Empathetic Mix)"

Halo Four - Sin (original Release Date 10/10/90):
A1 "Sin"
A2 "Sin"
B1 "Get"
B2 "Sin"

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