Future Disc (2018 Repress)

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Swedish synth botherer and established purveyor of the 'smooth-groove' revival returns with another brilliantly realised and effortlessly enticing EP for the ever-essential Fasaan. The evident fascination with the early 80's audio palette is present and correct, but this is homage done with a knowing 20th century something, which means this extended player distills things into a perfectly chilled glass of cocktail and beach bar delights as pastel slacked Donald Fagen hangs with Jan Hammer, who both buy a round for Loose Ends, while house-band Level 42 tune up across the bay. A little late for Summer maybe, but no doubt these will still be at the front of the Balearic record bag next year too !


Patrick says: Since its original (criminally limited) release in 2016, Sasaac's Balearic boogie masterpiece has shot to the top of everyone's wantlist. Thankfully Fasaan have taken pity and provided a fresh pressing for 2016. Cocktail coolers and coastal groovers of the finest AOR disco vintage.


A1. Pig
A2. Never Stop Running
A3. The Doomed Man
A4. Sun Burst
B1. Beyond The Piano
B2. Universal Outreach
B3. Future Disc 

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