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Luna / Araf

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Leng start the new year with a perfectly on trend hit of dancefloor mysticism from mysterious Turkish producer Ali Kuru. Not much is known about the Istanbul native, but the music he produces draws heavily on the east-meets-west heritage of his home city. We're dancing in outer space right from the off on this disc, as Ali takes a deep hit of Frank Herbert's melange and draws us into the centre of "Luna"'s potent psychedelic swirl. The shoulder rolling, head nodding rhythm leaves us no option but to move, while the looped guitar, fx-drenched saz and melting soundscape overwhelm the senses with a opiated haze - far out! Over on the flip, "Araf" sees Ali working a chunky guitar riff, disjointed rhythm and sci fi bleep with pitchy female vocals and a deep bassline to deliver a long lost Arabian relative of Visti & Meyland's massive "All Night Long". Haunting vocals, a shifting soundscape and crunching beats come together into the perfect soundtrack for the late night dancefloor.


A. Luna
B. Araf

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