Porn Wax 12

Image of Heretic - Porn Wax 12
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Porn Wax

About this item

Porn Wax returns for another go around the block, 10" of pleasing pink vinyl in hand, perfect for keeping you warm through the lonely winter season. If you take a peek beneath the leather and latex, you'll find chief machine mangler Heretic, a man on a mission to turn you inside out with an array of ear searing machine music. Intense and aggressive right from the off, the pneumatic stomp and high octane industrial clang of "Oberth" rages through the night leaving a trail of dancefloor destruction in its wake. Pummeling kicks, dominating bass sequences and harsh synthlines bore a hole in your brain and take up permanent residence - this isn't for the faint hearted. On the other side, "Snow Vitae" drops the pace and loses a little intensity, working the same array of urgent influences into a chuggy, druggy, new-EBM groove for all the freaks out there.

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