R. Stevie Moore

I Go Into Your Mind

Image of R. Stevie Moore - I Go Into Your Mind
Record Label
O Genesis

About this item

O Genesis loves R Stevie Moore and we jumped at the chance to release a 7" single with three amazing songs.

The world needs to know more about R Stevie and O Genesis are among the cheeriest cheerleaders along with anyone with seriously good taste in music - I Go Into Your Mind featured in Tim Burgess's top 5 songs of all time and we've seen how many records Tim has so that really is something. He's been a best kept secret for too long and the mission to make him a household name starts here


Laura says: I Go Into Your Mind is a gorgeous, shimmering dream-pop song, and a perfect introduction to the world of R Stevie Moore.


A. I Go Into Your Mind (feat. Krys O & Yukio Yung)
AA. Pennsylvania Bio
AAA. Naked

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