Blank & Jones

Relax - The Sunset Sessions

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Blank & Jones extend the summer indefinitely with this outstanding four tracker of blissful Balearic brilliance. The EP opens in stunning fashion with "Summer Trip", a fresh rework of "Relax" album track "Summer Wind", which was well and truly caned by the upper echelons of the Balearic mafia over the past few months. The duo take the cut in a more electronic direction, using the guitar in a different way for full psychedelic effect. Stretching majestically over the rest of the A-side is the mindblowing, life changing, vinyl only Special Version of "Nothing Can Come Between Us". Long before the premature passing of Italian legend Mike Francis (Survivor, Features Of Love, Friends) the German duo invited him into the studio to collaborate on a cover version of this Sade classic. The interpretation was good, but had a missing ingredient, so Blank & Jones got stuck into the multitrack and reshaped the song into a stunning duet featuring the original vocals of the one and only Sade Adu. So far a secret weapon available to only a select few in the know, this is an absolute masterpiece! Over on the flipside, "Lovelee Dae" sees a Blaze classic get reworked by the boys, then remixed by Cassara. After two releases on the Pole Jam Vinyl earlier in the year, this French house driven remix is the hattrick for the up and coming producer. Who better to close the EP out than UK house legend Charles Webster, who delivers a very Balearic rework of original album track "Time & Space" to leave us lay on cloud nine.


Patrick says: In case you missed the memo, Sade is the high priestess of Balearic. As for Mike Francis, well he's the soft rocking King of the Med. It follows then that a dream duet between the two (on Sade's 'Nothing Can Come Between Us'), lavishly produced by Blank & Jones is gonna have you sipping cool cerveza before you can say mañana.

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