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'Cream' by The Black Fire is a nearly impossible to find Italian LP from 1973. A Library album that mix several themes including sexy and psychedelic whispered scat vocals, space synth lounge, lazy bossa with harpsichord, fender rhodes and a lot of congas, bongos and insane flutes; it also includes the killer wah-wah funk tune “Alcoholic” used years later as the opening song of the kung fu movie Operation Cobra aka Squadra Omicidi Chiama Cobra.

Original colourful artwork by the painter G. Pinna in a glossy Cinedelic cover. Limited to 600 copies.


Side A:
1. Cream
2. Alcoholic
3. Tendresse A.
4. Corking
5. Airing
6. Display

Side B:
1. Relief
2. Rush
3. Magnum
4. Misgiving
5. Melancolie
6. Sorry
7. Straggler 

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